Irvington Community Schools has partnered with Varsity Tutors for Schools to provide live, synchronous two-way 24/7 chat-based homework and study support for students in all grades.  Parents of elementary students may also use their students’ access to get help in assisting their students.  When accessing the system, a short request form is completed, and a live chat-based tutor will respond within 5 minutes for live synchronous support.  Asynchronous Writing / Essay review and feedback is also available, with a targeted 24-hour turn-around time.  Please refer to the video for a more in-depth overview.

Varsity Tutoring Overview Video:  https://video.varsitytutors.com/watch/bDL5wJNxXdHKu6mjcmuAgv?

Varsity Tutoring One-pager:  https://vt-emails-assets.varsitytutors.com/about/schools/Varsity+Tutors+for+Schools+On+Demand.pdf

If you have any questions, please email Deanna Dehner – at ddehner@ics-charter.org