About Irvington Community Schools

Irvington is one of Indianapolis’ oldest neighborhoods, founded in 1870. And Irvington Community Schools are among the oldest charter schools in the state, opening our doors in 2002.

ICS, Inc.’s three campuses – all located within one mile of each other – feature, by design, small community schools. Irvington Community Elementary School (ICES) has three classes per grade level (K-5) and serves 450 students; Irvington Community Middle School (ICMS) serves 240 students; and Irvington Preparatory Academy (IPA) serves approximately 350 high school students. This intimate learning environment (class sizes average approximately 24 students) enhances our ability to provide differentiated instruction and innovative programming in delivering outstanding educational services while making a positive lifelong impact on our students’ intellectual, emotional, and civic development.

At the heart of our schools is a strong community/neighborhood focus. Our Board of Governors is deeply invested in our school community, reflected by several of whom have had their own children attend ICS and others who live and work on the East Side of Indianapolis. Further, we have forged strong partnerships with local nonprofit community partners such as Community Health Network and the YMCA to benefit our students and their families.

ICS employees have an evident love of children and for the mission of K-12 urban education. Building strong relationships between students and staff is at the heart of our work and is a key factor in our success. Visitors often remark on the positive culture in our school buildings. This explains why families refer us to their relatives and friends when choosing schools for their children. Moreover, our emphasis on school safety is strongly supported and appreciated by ICS families.

ICS has consistently been one of the highest performing charters in the state of Indiana and traditionally outperforms area school districts; further, ICS is ranked in the top tier of academic performance among the charters in the portfolio of the Indianapolis Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation.

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