Community is in our name by design. As a grassroots public charter founded by local families in 2002, Irvington Community School’s intentional community focus is one of our greatest assets. It is central to all we do in that we are, at heart, a community of learners.

Community Engagement Strategy

Irvington Community Schools, Inc. strives to implement meaningful Community Engagement strategy to identify and connect community building and academic resources, tools and opportunities which directly benefit students, families, alumni, staff and the greater Irvington Community. Collaborative strategy includes, but is not limited to, academic development, parent engagement projects, service learning partnerships and work-based learning opportunities.

Building on more than 18 years of successful community partnerships, ICS, Inc. established a formalized Community Engagement Department in 2017. The role of the Department is to develop and lead strategy in support of relationship-building and resource development resulting in an improved academic experience for ICS Families and Students.

Community Engagement Values

Irvington Community Schools, Inc. believes community-based schools can, and should, play an integral role in cultivating a meaningful environment where students, family, alumni and local neighborhoods are connected and thriving. This belief is demonstrated by purposefully aligning the school’s assets to act as a collaborator for discussions, decision-making and implementation of projects or programs (internally and externally) affecting the communities it serves.

2019 – 2020 ICS Community Engagement Goals
  • Expand existing ICS Service Learning, Project-Based Learning, and Volunteerism Programs
  • Serve as a lead implementation partner for existing youth-led community-building plan and lead facilitator in local, community-based planning positively impacting the Irvington community’s quality of life.
  • Create and formalize accountable school, family, community partnerships in support of increased, collaborative resource development that is measurable.
Community Engagement Partners:
Educational Partners
Corporate and Nonprofit Partners
Local Community Partners


Interested in getting involved in community engagement efforts with Irvington Community Schools? Contact:

Tammi L. Hughes
Community Engagement Specialist
Phone: (317) 357-3770 x148