Cleaning and Disinfecting your device

Below is a link to the manufacture specific cleaning instructions. In general do not spray liquid directly on the device, wipes should not be dripping liquid. A small amount of liquid goes a long way.

HP Chromebook

ICS Vision for Digital Learning

Irvington Community Schools’ vision for digital learning is to implement a highly-effective, highly-functional, ubiquitous computing environment by…

  • Providing 1:1 devices and digital media resources to enhance and differentiate instruction and learning;
  • Establishing a teacher-facilitated learning environment, both online and offline, that allows for student creativity and promotes critical thinking;
  • Increasing collaborative learning and communication so that teachers and students become partners in learning;
  • Preparing today’s learners for tomorrow’s careers in a global society; and
  • Promoting responsible use of technology resources and social media to produce upstanding digital citizens.

Technology Staff

Chris Ashmore, Director of Corporate IT
Email: cashmore@ics-charter.org
GV Number: (317) 939-1537

Internet Access off campus

Indianapolis Public Library – any branch
The NW parking lot or the Outdoor Classroom (weather permitting and physical distancing please) at ICMS
The staff /visitor parking lot or the Courtyard (weather permitting and physical distancing please) at IPA
The curb lane of the parking lot or the Outdoor Classroom (weather permitting and physical distancing please) ICES

List of Internet Service Providers for Indianapolis area with links to their lower cost option
Comcast /Xfinity – Internet Essentials
Spectrum – Spectrum Internet Assist
AT&T- Access from AT&T