Community Supports

Irvington Community Schools believe community-based supports play an important role in creating a safe and meaningful environment where students and families are connected and able to thrive. This belief is demonstrated by providing resources to address student and family needs.  The following are resources available to Irvington Community Schools families.

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Laundry Services Sign-up Form

Meal Assistance Sign-up Form

Clothing Closet Program

The ICS Clothing Closet Program is a FREE resource available to all ICS PreK-12 students and family members. Created and supported using ESSER II funds, the program provides a supplemental resource for families impacted economically by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Families are eligible to receive free new and gently used clothing including student uniforms, undergarments, shoes, and everyday clothing needs.  The clothing closet is available once a month for families on Wednesdays:  ICES – second Wednesday of the month, IPA – third Wednesday of the month, and ICMS – the forth Wednesday of the month.  

All ICS PreK-12 students and their families are eligible to participate in the clothing program. Parents, Guardians and students can apply by using the clothing assistance request form located in the quick links above or contact Ashley Cook, ICS Social Worker directly at or (317) 357-3770, x1115. 

Community members wanting to make donations of new or gently used clothing items anc contact Ashley Cook directly to coordinate a drop-off.

Laundry Support Program

Irvington Community Schools is pleased to be partnering with Laundry and Tan Connection, located at 7031 East 10th Street, to support of families needing laundry assistance.  To apply for laundry services, please fill out the Laundry Assistance Form located above in the quick links or contact Ashley Cook, ICS Social Worker, via email or phone at (317)357-3770 ext. 1115

McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act Services

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act is a federal law guaranteeing all children and youth the right to an equitable education, regardless of their living situation.

IDOE state coordinators’ contact information: Flora Jones, Director of Student Pathways & Opportunities and Charie Gibson, Homeless Education Specialist, 317-232-0957,

Homeless students are defined as those who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. This definition includes students who might be sharing housing with other persons due to the loss of a home, economic hardship, or similar reason; students living in motels, hotels, trailer parks, or campgrounds due to a lack of alternative adequate accommodations; students who are living in emergency or transitional shelters; or, those who are abandoned in hospitals.

Your student may be eligible for educational services as provided through the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. These services may include free before and after school care; transportation assistance; school uniform clothing; reduced school, book, sports, or club fees; eligibility for the free school lunch program; and, access to food assistance. Eligibility is based on the current primary nighttime residence and can be determined by completing the McKinney Vento form above in the quick links.  Applying for homeless status is NOT cause for a report to Indiana’s Child Protective Services (CPS). CPS is contacted only in cases of abuse or neglect, and NOT in the case of homelessness. Please contact Ashley Cook, ICS Social Worker and McKinney-Vento Liaison, with any questions. She can be reached via email or phone at (317) 357-3770, x1115.

*McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act refers only to Subtitle VII-B of the Act, the Education for Homeless Children and Youths Program (42 U.S.C.  11431-11435).

Meal Assistance Program

Irvington Community Schools partners with Shephard Community Center to provide families weekly meal assistance boxes.  To sign up for weekly meal supports, fill out the Meal Assistance Form located above in the quick links.  Irvington Community Schools also partner with community members to provide meal boxes to families during our one or two week school vacations.  

School-based Therapy Services

In partnership with Community Health Network, ICS is staffed with a Community Health school-based clinical therapists. Clinical therapy services can be requested by contacting building leadership or ICS counseling staff.  Please note: to qualify for Community Health Based Therapy, you must have Medicaid. Should you feel your student could benefit from counseling services, Irvington Community Schools counseling staff can be contacted as follows:

ICS Social Worker Ashley Cook, (317) 357-3770 x1115, (317)-203-9207
ICES Counselor Kerry Purvitis, (317) 357-5359 x3114
ICMS Student Support Specialist Deirdre Smith, (317) 357-3850 x2109
IPA Counselor Stephanie Brinsley, (317) 357-3770 x4108

2-1-1  Resource Search Portal

Families across Indiana can find local resources for any health and human services issues they may be confronting. Dialing 2-1-1 is a fast, free, easy-to-remember phone service that connects people in need with a trained professional who can provide referrals for basic human needs, physical and mental resources, programs to assist families, and much more. ICS families can also access 2-1-1 via the online portal at