Summer is here, and yet it’s almost that time again! Time for the students to get ready to return to the classroom and pick up where they left off in pursuit of educational excellence. But before we welcome our students back, we thought we’d give our three Irvington Community School, Inc. principals some space to talk about their goals and ambitions for the 2018-2019 school year.

Jana Goebel, Irvington Preparatory Academy Principal
One of Mrs. Goebel’s favorite educational quotes: “Knowing that you have a community that supports you in being smart is the beginning of a whole new world opening up.” – Christopher Emdin, Ph.D.

I am most excited about serving our families! I’m looking forward to building relationships with both students and parents. And, I’m excited to grow our service learning focus while providing outstanding educational opportunities and post-secondary preparation.

For the rapidly approaching school year, we are planning more opportunities to award students for the great things they do academically and behaviorally. While we want them to take their learning seriously and will continue to have high expectations, we want our Ravens to experience the fun that comes with being a high school student. It can be difficult to fit everything we need to do into a week, but we hope to have more opportunities to build community with each other and with Irvington, especially in the immediate area and neighborhoods from which we draw our students.

I will work hard to keep open lines of communication with parents. I plan to seek input from parents so that we are constantly growing and meeting the needs of our families. I also want to make sure that we are providing opportunities and tools for parents to be involved in their students’ academics as well as the life of the school. I believe that when the school and parents work together, students succeed. I ask that parents stay involved, communicate with teachers and administration, and partner with us in making this a great year!

I am an educator because I believe our kids have a lot to offer the world. I enjoy spending time with our students and learning about their hopes and dreams. When kids know adults believe in them and they are given the opportunity to shine, they can do amazing things! I am at ICS because I am passionate about every student being able to access a safe, quality education regardless of where he/she lives or what his/her background may be.

Jana Goebel began her career at Irvington Community Schools in the spring of 2011 as a Special Education teacher at Irvington Preparatory Academy. In 2012 she also became the Special Education Coordinator for the school corporation, helping to systematize and support special education services in grades K-12. In 2014 Mrs. Goebel was named Director of College and Academic Services at IPA. She has served in these dual roles since that time. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education from Manchester College. She is currently enrolled in the Urban Principalship Program through Indiana University — Indianapolis and will receive her Masters of Educational Leadership degree in July 2019.