Student Life

Clubs, athletics, and other extracurricular activities enhance students’ educational experiences, provide a strong sense of community, and add a dimension of fun once the school day is done. At ICMS staff members are encouraged to design and facilitate a variety of clubs, from Raven Zumba to Drama Club, which meet from 3:35 – 4:15 p.m. one afternoon per week. Students who are academically eligible may participate in the clubs of their choosing. Club sign-up sheets are sent home at the beginning of each quarter. If you have any questions about ICMS clubs, please contact Mrs. McCloskey.

As well, students who have an interest in athletics and maintain academic eligibility are welcome to participate in the ICMS Athletics Program.

For those students with musical talents or aspirations, the ICMS Music Department offers band and choir programs that prepare student musicians for live-performance opportunities in band and choral concerts scheduled throughout the year.

ICMS encourages, recognizes, and celebrates the character development of its students in a number of ways. One of our formal student recognition programs is called Paving the Irvington Way. Each week Advisory teachers nominate one student who has demonstrated one or more tenets of The Irvington Way:  Be respectful, responsible, safe, involved, and focused. Students receive a certificate of recognition and earn a “paving brick” on our Wall of Honor.