Under the guidance of Art Teacher at ICMS the Art Program follows the Indiana Academic Standards by producing art, fostering a creative response to history and culture, discussing visual literacy, and engaging students with interdisciplinary lessons.

During the ICMS school year, art classes will learn a variety of artistic skills such as printmaking, sculpture, painting, weaving, graphic design, illustration, and pottery. Some multimedia projects involve the use of a number of these mediums — and more.

Art History is woven into almost every lesson by introducing artists and artwork that pertain to the current project. In their Art classes, students may study and replicate works of Cubism, Impressionism, Superrealism, and Renaissance Art. As well, ICMS Art classes focus on developing students’ sense of visual literacy. This incorporates analysis, critique, interpretation, description, and reflection on art of various subjects, time periods, and/or cultures.

During the year, the walls of the school are covered in art being produced by the students to promote a sense of pride and accomplishment. Some of the students at ICMS have had the opportunity to display their art in community establishments and have also been involved in conceiving ideas for a community mural. During your next visit to ICMS, be sure to take a look at our incredibly creative student artwork throughout the school.