The ICES Athletics Program’s mission is to provide opportunities for athletic competition that will enhance the educational experience of our elementary school students. Our goal is to plan and coordinate various athletic activities throughout the year that allow for equal opportunity, age-appropriate involvement for ICES students.

During every sports season, weekly grade checks are run Monday at 4:30 p.m. ICES student-athletes are required to have a “C” average and no F’s to be eligible for athletic competitions that week. For more information about the ICES Athletic Program, contact ICS Athletic Director Joanna Wiggins at (317) 357-3770 x1138.

In a traditional school year, the ICES Athletics Program offerings include.

Flag Football (Grades 4-5)

Girls Volleyball (Grades 4-5)

Boys Soccer

Girls Soccer

Boys Basketball (Grades 4-5)

Girls Basketball (Grades 4-5)


Baseball (Grades K-5)

Softball (Grades K-5)

Track and Field – Boys & Girls (Grades 4-5)